Internet Lased Line


A leased line is a private high-performance circuit leased by a common carrier between Customer's premises and ISP's NOC (Network Operation Centre). It is rented on an annual basis and usually carries voice and data or both. A leased line is not contended or shared and delivers dedicated guaranteed bandwidth straight to the internet backbone.

Broadband Internet


WINGSNET's Broadband connection is an ideal fit for Small Business and Home users. Our SMB products are just the ideal solution for you. It is the most cost effective and always on service that will meet all the needs of your business.

Wi-Fi Hotspots


Come and Enjoy Free WiFi @ Om Corner and Friends' Corner by Wingsnet Free WiFi.

Fiber to Home


Enjoy Speed upto 100Mbps over Fiber Optic cable.

Fiber Solutions


We provide Optical Fiber Solutions, like Splicing, OTDR testing for Fault Finding, Loss rectification. 

SME Lease Line


In our SME Lease Line, we provide Wireless back up with Fiber connectivity to maintain zero downtime.